Post #1 : Why effective communication skills are important?


Communication is the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people verbally or nonverbally. An average woman can chalk up to 20,000 words in a day and 7,000 words for an average man. Clearly, it shows how we, as humans are constantly communicating with one another.

Thus, effective communication skills come as an indispensable skill as it extends the concept of communication to that which ensures the comprehensibility of the intended message to the targeted audience(s). Effective communication skills also encompass the ability to provide appropriate feedback/response to bring the conversation to a deeper depth. The ability to effectively put across our intended message and to give appt response helps us better understand a person or situation, thereby, enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection can flourish.

However, not everyone is capable of communicating effectively in all situations. Much as we want to communicate effectively, there are definitely “sticky occasions” whereby we just do not know how to put the right message across aptly or even to voice our opinions without causing unnecessary misunderstandings, hurt and conflicts which can give rise to frustration in personal and professional relationships.

This is especially common in social settings where conflicts and differing ideas are often inevitable. There is definitely a need for all of us to address negative or difficult messages at some point in time. The distinction between communication and effective communication is that the latter gets the idea put across without creating conflict or destroying trust, perhaps even improve the team dynamism in the process. Thus, I hope that by equipping myself with the right professional effective communication skills, it’ll enable me to better connect with my family, friends, and colleagues in all kinds of situation.

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4 Responses to Post #1 : Why effective communication skills are important?

  1. Darsha says:

    I really like the comic strip you used! It clearly shows communication gone wrong. I like how you added that communication not effective can definitely lead to misunderstandings. Its definitely something that most of us would have experienced first-hand. By the way it’s really interesting to know that we women speak almost twice as much as men do!

  2. Hiranya says:

    Hello Aster,

    Firstly, kudos to being the first to post, in all honesty, it pressed me to get started on mine. 🙂 Indeed, communication skills are indispensable. Thank you for bringing up the issue of conflict.

    I do believe the hardest issue in communicating is when a conflict of interest arises. How do we approach such situations in such a way as to not compromise on our beliefs, yet not offend the other party at the same time. I’m sure this is something we can all relate to and I look forward to learning more about it in the subsequent weeks. Nice, clear structure also.

    Perhaps, but this is just an opinion, you might want to justify your margins, so it gives your post a nice clean look. 🙂

  3. Brad says:

    Thank you, Aster, for this detailed first post. You present clearly how important effective comm skills are. You approach this position from various angles, including alluding to the way effective skills “enable(s) us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection can flourish.” I like that focus.
    Your ideas are very articulately expressed and well organized. What I feel is missing, however, is a more than a cursory reference to your own **specific** needs. One short paragraph could do that.

    In any case, I appreciate your hard work!

  4. Josephine says:

    Yup, there are a lot problems caused by people inability to communicate effectively. Just use the example that is close to us, children unable to tell their parents what was bothering them, couple don’t know how to express themselves properly, etc. All this may lead to a bid problem, but it can be avoided if people can communicate properly.

    It is impossible for everybody to agree on each other, which might lead to conflicts and hence get in the way of our relationship. However, we shouldn’t let the fact that we can’t explain ourselves properly ruin something good.

    An effective communication mainly depends on a person’s ability to convey their messages and on the other hand, the receiver must have the proper listening skills. We’ve talked about communication skills in class, so what I would like to add here is the ability to compromise and to have empathy, which will help to avoid conflicts too 🙂

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