#5 Reflection on Oral Presentation

For my oral presentation, I felt that I managed to internalize the contents pretty well given that I was presenting on the part which I did for the proposal. This gives me a slight advantage in better understanding in knowing my contents. Thus, I find that I do not have to painstakingly memorize the points in which I have to cover for the presentation.

This complacency in the grasp of my contents is the possible cause of my mistake during the actual presentation. In which I completely forgot about a particular slide. This experience, albeit traumatizing, has taught me how to deal with mistakes in front of a crowd. I think it is definitely a good lesson learnt on how to recover from any glitches in front of your audience and moving on from there.

Overall, I thought this was a different experience for me, compared to peer teaching or any other presentations I have done prior to this. Given that the nature, audience and purpose of the presentation was wholly different. One in which I have yet tried – selling/pitching your ideas to your desired audience. Searching for the right tone of voice/the ideal mode of delivery before the presentation by understanding your target audience was a crucial point I have learnt from the feedback during the mock presentation.

I realized that it is only when you have fully internalized, and picture yourself in the shoes of your target audience before the presentation. From there, find out the right mode of delivery to deliver your contents to your audience that you will be able to reach out to your audience more effectively. Imagine yourself as the audience. How/what will convince you?

“You have to be able to convince yourself before being able to convince others.”

This is my main takeaway from this OP session and definitely one which I will remember to apply (hopefully) in my future presentations.

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7 Responses to #5 Reflection on Oral Presentation

  1. Hiranya says:

    Hey Aster,

    Firstly, congrats on a job well done. You were extremely engaging, and I could definitely tell that you were passionate about incorporating more communication in the science faculty. Forgetting the slide, to me, was just a minor hiccup, considering how impactful you were overall. Also, you raised a very important point about being convinced of your idea before selling it to others, you are right, that cannot be understated.

    A concise and honest reflection. Great job 🙂

    • asterchew says:

      Heys Hiranya,

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂 yupp! I think we covered that in class today too! uncanny coincidence. But something to take home with 🙂


  2. jack says:

    Hello Aster,

    “You have to be able to convince yourself before being able to convince others.” <- i guess this sentence sum it all up. If you are not convince with what you are selling, you will never be able to sell it. When you are, everything will just fall into pieces. your points will just naturally flow and you will also be speaking with much more confident.

    A huge improvement from peer teaching. I thought you were already very good during peer teaching but looks like you have more in you! Keep up the good work! I hope you find you dream job soon!! ((:


    • asterchew says:

      Thanks Jack! 🙂 I really loved working with you 🙂 Hope you will have more chances to practice and further improve on your skills! 🙂
      *benefits of being young


  3. Amira says:

    Hi Aster!

    You’re really awesome to work with and I have to thank you for ‘mentoring’ me in IT stuff like Mircosoft Words and Prezi.

    I find that you have a lot of strengths in you presentation, both verbal and non-verbal factors. You creatively approached to deliver our group’s content, spoke concisely and displayed good confidence. Despite the weaknesses which you have identified with regards to your presentation, I was thoroughly impressed by your presentation skills from the start of the module (:

    Thanks for being such an awesome and knowledgeable group member (especially knowledgeable in the area of IT). I really hope our paths will cross again some time in the future (: in the meantime, enjoy your grad trip!!

    ps: for readers other than Aster, this comment contains some insider jokes hehe.

    • asterchew says:

      Heys Amira!

      It was definitely great to work with you! (highly amusing :p)
      Definitely my pleasure to pass on the IT know hows (thats why Im the Engineer right? ) hopefully they will come in handy when you prepare papers for your kids in the future 🙂


  4. weizhe says:

    Hi Aster!

    It has been a joy working with you for the OP! You’ve always been one of the more experienced and articulate presenters in class, and I’ve learned alot from you.

    I agree with you whole-heartedly on the importance of internalizing your presentation content. That was one of my greatest takeaways this semester as well! Many students often think they can get away with not understanding their own content by ‘smoking’ the audience, but their lack of preparation definitely shows! We as the speakers might not know it, but the audience can smell it 😀

    Anyway, I love the positive attitude you’ve shown this entire semester, so keep it up! I wish you all the best in your future endeavours


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