#6 Reflections on the course

I vividly remembered the very first session for this course, we had to strike a conversation with almost every other classmate while filing up a worksheet. That left a deep impression in me as I am not someone who is prone to initiating a conversation with a stranger. Despite it being a mandatory step in almost any new social setting, I find it awkward and simply strange to do so. Having said that, the very first ES2007S helped me realize the trick to maintaining a conversation. It goes way beyond the content, to nonverbal that indicates interest or boredom of the topic. This is extremely helpful in terms of choosing the topic to strike a conversation. Another key point is listening. Whilst it is in our nature to multitask; that includes trying to think of the next possible topic and listening at the same time. One interesting takeaway for me was how being an active listener can solve it all. By being an active listener, it actually helps your audience to know that you ARE into what he/she is saying and this helps him/her to open up to you more and this is how the conversation rolls on. Instead of constantly trying to find a common topic or a new interesting topic, we can all start by listening!

To sum it up, I guess this is the major takeaway for me and I definitely see myself taking that bold step to network and socialize more now than before. 🙂

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6 Responses to #6 Reflections on the course

  1. Josephine says:

    Hi Aster,

    Your post is really short and sweet, and I feel that it capture the essence that you get from this course. )

    I myself sometimes find it quite difficult to sustain a conversation with someone that I’m not so familiar with. Reading your post, I realize that what you about trying to listen actively instead of keep finding a new topic to talk about is true. We can always find a new topic to talk about, but if it is not sustainable, I think it is not a very meaningful talk. Thanks for sharing!

    Anyway, I just want to tell you that you’re one of people who inspire me in this course, hahaha 😀 You’re so outspoken, expressive and confident! 😀 And in my opinion, you’re very friendly and approachable 🙂 All the best for your future endeavor!!! 😀

    • asterchew says:

      Heys Josephine!

      That was really a super sweet comment! :))

      I have to say that throughout the past 13 weeks, I have witnessed how you have improved by leaps and bounds in terms of interpersonal communication skills and especially so for presentation/public speaking skills. Im not sure if you still remembered our first OP task way before peer teaching. But I really saw a different Josephine during OP from that Josephine 12 weeks back 🙂 Keep up the good work and I hope you can prove people wrong that Engineers too, CAN not only present, but we can present well! 😀


  2. jack says:

    Hey Aster,

    It’s me again! hahah. Anyway, I guess you pretty much sum up the whole course which is active listening and effective communication. They are both compliment of each other and cannot work if either is lacking. I hope you will remember all that were shared in class. I guess what this module have taught us, is something that we are able to put into practice in.the real world. Congrats on your graduation! Start to prepare for your next phase in life ((:

  3. Amira says:

    Hi Aster!

    For graduating students like us, I think ES2007S really helps us in taking a bold step to network and socialize. After taking this module, I no longer wish that the Earth would open up and eat me up when I am talking to someone whom I’m unfamiliar with.

    I hadn’t thought of how active listening can make conversation with a stranger less awkward. But reflecting on my conversations with my new ES2007S classmates on the first lesson made me realise that yes, you’re right! Active listening does allow the conversation to flow nicely.So thank you for bringing up the interesting point of active listening (:

  4. Brad says:

    Like the other readers have mentioned, your point about the exercise in the first lesson in which you had to engage strangers showing some “tricks” is well taken. By simply having questions in mind and being willing to listen, a person can approach any new social situation is a less intimidating more open fashion. I’m not sure that I agree that being an active listener can “solve it all.” But it is certainly fundamental for much effective communication.

    Thank you, Aster, for all your effort this term. You have been a vital member of our group, willing to share your ideas, provide insights and listen to your classmates. It’s been my pleasure to work with you.

    All the best as you go into the working world!

    • asterchew says:

      Hi Brad!

      Thanks Brad! for all your very insightful stories and little tricks discussed throughout the 13 weeks. ES2007S was definitely an amazing course because of you and all the class mates in this course 🙂

      All the best with your up and coming new challenge!


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